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               As most of our readers know,we always present AYURVEDA as a clinically relevant medical system and today we are discussing an evidence based achievement which will emphasis the relevance of AYURVEDA as a choice of mainstream medicine other than labelling as an alternative system.

              This is a case of osteomyelitis, patient is male, soft ware employee with no other health issues other than chronic non healing ulcer over the medial aspect of left thigh with pus discharge since 3 years, he had an accident during his childhood and afterwards he start feeling stiffness and swelling of his thigh and had operated multiple times with symptomatic results for less than a month.

               Osteomyelitis is an infection in a bone which can reach bone through blood stream or spreading from nearby tissue.some times if an injury exposes the bone infections can begin in the bone.

              This was once considered incurable… We too had the same opinion which we have to change after the  recovery of this patient.…..

               Patient always complaints of stiffness of his thigh adjacent to the opening and near to the knee joint.From his words when stiffness increase ,within few weeks pus drainage starts and slowly stiffness releived, again not completely relived since last 10 years. Every time the wound get partially closed he start working and with few weeks stiffness comes back and then pus drainage..
This made his life hard and in his young age matters become worse.
When the patient first contacted us last August, wound was partially closed and without discharge, we advise him to contact when the wound is open.

              He came to us on 23rd January 2016 and on our examination it was a sinus opening with crusted surrounding tissues and oedematous soft tissues. MRI shows focal cortical thickening with intramedullary focal collection in the lower femur bone with adjacent bony defect with sinus tract extending subcutaneously upto medial aspect of thigh.

              We had a discussion and approached the patient with 50% chance of healing the sinus.patient was willing and we took the chance. Majority of our experts are having the opinion of doing ksharasutra therapy . We were sure that, If we manage to pierce the sinus deep enough and complete the threading procedure the sinus will heal. Again the question was how to trace the sinus until the bone and finish the procedure.

              We planned the procedure for 25th of January and we managed to trace 25% of the tract. Main issue was thick medial compartment muscles and vessels. Finished partial threading by making an external opening over the skin. Since the sinus was deep we always had the confusion of drug deliverance .
Next day we had a sitting and we’re having the opinion of plugging long ksharasutras deep into the open sinus. It was effective and pus drainage was achevied

              Slowly the patient start feeling better and underwent 3 ksharasutra therapies.daily cleaning and dressing with triphala kashayam and internal ayurveda medicines specific for Vidradhi were on prescription.

             For everyone’s interest, no antibiotics we’re prescribed, patient was without fever and was strictly under ayurveda medicines. Wound was open and pus drainage was effective.

                At the time of discharge after 25 days, patient was happy with remaining 25% of wound closure still remaining,we advise him with medicines for one month and regular dressing with triphala kashayam.
He came back for review on 26/03/2016 and the results were wonderful.
Complete closure of sinus which he had achieved for the first time since last 3 years. It’s the first time patient is without muscle stiffness even on deep palpation and walking.


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