The goal of rehabilitation of fractures is to restore functional abilities of the individual. The duration and type of rehabilitation treatment required following a fracture are related to the associated soft tissue involvement, as well as the location and type of fracture and the method of stabilization, Protocols for rehabilitation must be based upon stability of the fracture and fracture management (operative, non operative).

Rehabilitation emphasizes restoring full range of motion, strength,sensation, and endurance, while maintaining independence in all activities of daily living. 

Ayurvedic external treatments will help to reduce inflammatory pathology and increase blood circulation to bones making the reunion faster,different heat modalities will maintain mobility of joints.

Cold and other modalities in controlling pain and edema. Depending on the stability of the fracture, range of motion exercises of the adjacent joints may be started immediately and progressed to strengthening exercises as indicated.

Bone healing may occur within 6 to 20 weeks; however the bone strength and the ability of the bone to sustain a heavy load may take up to several years ,this condition can be reduced by ayurvedic treatments. Once healing has occurred, the individual may resume full activities of daily living.

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