Muscles are contractile tissue having the function to produce force and cause motion

There are three types of muscles

  • Skeletal muscle having the function of voluntary movements like locomotion and are attached to bones by tendons
  • Smooth muscle mainly found within the walls of organs like stomach,intestine etc and is involuntary in nature
  • Cardiac muscle found only in the heart involuntary in nature

In skeletal muscle electrical impulses transmitted by nerves stimulate contractions while in cardiac and smooth muscle internal pacemaker cells make these contractions,all muscle contractions are determined by neurotransmitteric effect of acetylcholine


Many disorders like Back Pain, Fibromyalgia Muscle Cramps, congenital myopathies, muscular dystrophy, can affect muscles due to many factors including the metabolic and neurotransmitteric action of muscles.

Muscle and ayurveda

According to ayurveda muscle is termed as the mamsa dhathu and the disorders of muscles are mainly due to mamsa kshaya and mamsa vridhi,these are the vitiated state of mamsa dhathu, when we look into the details of ancient scholers different muscular disorders are clearly indicated and the effective management of these disorders without surgery is mentioned.

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