Rehabilitation Programmes

It is a process aimed at enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels.

Ayurveda is the life science and it clearly indicates the “padachadustayas ‘ of treatment for a person to get cure. here we are integrating the four fold treatment principle of ayurveda with proper medicines, care, efficient doctors and the resulting cure.

Fracture Management and Rehabilitation

The goal of rehabilitation of fractures is to restore functional abilities of the individual. The duration and type of rehabilitation treatment required following a fracture are related to the associated soft tissue involvement, as well as the location and type of fracture and the method of stabilization, Protocols for rehabilitation must be based upon stability of the fracture and fracture management (operative, non operative).

Rehabilitation emphasizes restoring full range of motion, strength, sensation, and endurance, while maintaining independence in all activities of daily living. Ayurvedic external treatments will help to reduce inflammatory pathology and increase blood circulation to bones making the reunion faster, different heat modalities will maintain mobility of joints, Cold and other modalities in controlling pain and edema. Depending on the stability of the fracture, range of motion exercises of the  joints will be started immediately and progressed to strengthening exercises .

Bone healing occur within 6 to 20 weeks; however the bone strength and the ability of the bone to sustain a heavy load may take up to several years, this condition can be reduced by ayurvedic treatments. Once healing has occurred, the individual may resume full activities of daily living.

Ulcer Management and Rehabilitation


Venous ulcers are wounds that occur due to improper functioning of venous valves, usually of the legs. They are the major cause of chronic wounds, Venous ulcers develop mostly along the medial distal leg, and can be very painful. These ulcers penetrate deep into the skin

Venous ulcers are relatively common among older people. Venous ulcers become infected easily. If a venous ulcer persists for a long time, skin cancer develops at the edge. Some venous ulcers, particularly large ones, never heal.


  • varicose vein or a vein blocked by a blood clots.
  • Venous ulcers form when blood flow through the legs is reduced, causing blood to pool in the veins.
  • Any disorder that causes blood to pool in leg veins can cause a venous ulcer.
  • smoking and high blood pressure (hypertension). Chronic diabetes


Chronic Arterial ulcer


  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • High blood fat/cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Renal failure
  • Obesity
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Clotting and circulation disorders
  • non healing ulcers


Stroke and Accident Rehabilitation

Which includes post traumatic stress management, physical strengthening. An ideal treatment module for those ailing from accidents and stroke(paralysis).

This program caters to the entire needs of an ailing body. It involves different types of body treatments, Dhara, Pizhichil, Shashtika Pinda Swedam and other rejuvenation therapies which improve the blood circulation and tone up the weak muscles, along with special natural herbal medicinal formulations. With the help of physical therapy and occupational therapy they can be brought back to normal life and in extreme cases the quality of life can be improved

Geriatric Rehabilitation

  • INSOMNIA(use information from degenerative brain disorders)
  • PARKINSONISM(use information from degenerative brain disorders)
  • MENTAL DEPRESSION(use information from degenerative brain disoredrs)

This mainly occurs due to degenerative changes occuring in body and cells which needs more natural anti oxidants to rejuvinate and do its normal functions. According to ayurveda this condition occur mainly due to doshic imbalance since these doshas e maintain the natural harmony of body and mind.

Special treatment modalities are mentioned in ayurveda to promote the cellular integrity and function by increasing vasculature and absorbtive capacity of individual cells.

Treatment Modalities – Sarvanga Abyanga, Siropada lepa, Pizhichil, Njavara lepana, Tarpana and Poorana, Rejuvenative Rasayanas, Yoga and Pranayama, Close monitoring of physical and mental status, Counselling, Adaptable environment.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral vascular disease (PVD), commonly (PAD) peripheral arterial disease or peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD),  is a microvascular diseases resulting from gradual narrowing of the arteries, this can result from atherosclerosis, inflammatory processes leading to stenosis, an embolism, or thrombus formation. It causes either acute or chronic lack of blood supply

  • Mild claudication
  • Moderate claudication
  • Severe claudication
  • Ischemic pain at rest
  • Minor tissue loss
  • Major tissue loss


  • pain, weakness, numbness, or cramping in muscles due to decreased blood flow
  • Sores, wounds, or ulcers that heal slowly or not at all
  • Noticeable change in color (blueness or paleness) or temperature (coolness) when compared to the other limb
  • Diminished hair and nail growth on affected limb and digits.


  • Smoking – tobacco use in any form is the single most important cause.
  • Diabetes mellitus .
  • Dyslipidemia (high low density lipoprotein [LDL] cholesterol, low high density lipoprotein [HDL] cholesterol)
  • Hypertension – elevated blood pressure is correlated with an increase in the risk of developing PAD
  • obese, or with a family history of vascular disease, heart attack, or stroke

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic line of management mainly includes increasing the blood supply to the extremities, and preventing cell damage, the causative factor which triggers the condition should be treated according to the severity of the case, mainly external therapies are incoprated with internal medicines which increases the vasculature, leading to an increased blood flow.

Ulcer rehabilitation


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