Mother & Child Clinic

In ayurveda there are special regimes mentioned for the well being of both mother and child. According to ayurveda there are many important steps which should be done before and after birth.

Ayurveda clearly mention diet and physical regime which should be started from the time of pregnancy. This includes different types of herbal preparations along with external oil applications.

Prenatal clinic includes specially prepared medicines and regimes (both food and activity), has been clearly indicated for the healthy growth of mother and child. This includes increasing the immunity, proper mental and physical growth of child and maintaining correct harmony between mother and child  Main line of management includes prevention of complication during the time of pregnancy and at the time labor. There are special medicines mentioned in classics which make the child stronger intellectually, physically with proper sense organs.

Ayurveda prescribes specific nutritional measures for the growth and protection of the woman to keep her vital and pure.  Ayurveda compares human conception to the germination and sprouting of a seed and its transformation . When the male and female  unite, an embryo (garbha) is created. Ayurveda gives great importance to the quality of the ovum. In addition to the ovum , the mother who  provides the the uterus into which the ovum is to be planted . Ayurvedic approach towards motherhood, that is pregnancy and childbirth, is indeed a holistic one. Ayurvedic recommendations  upon the diet, behavior, activities, and even the spiritual actions

Post natal clinics include both pediatric care and mother care, pediatric care for general health and for diseases which can occur during childhood.

Special ayurvedic therapies are mentioned for mother after delivery, along with special ayurvedic medicines and regimes to rejuvenate the whole body after delivery. Ayurveda clearly indicates the importance of breast milk and suggest measures to increase and purify breast milk.

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