Osteoporosis (+ Osteonecrosis, Pagets Disease)

This is a condition characterized by low bone density and loss of bone tissue leading to weak bones. The main risk of this condition is broken bone or fractured bone mainly weight bearing long bones. This condition mainly occur with females while moving to menopause.

Osteoporosis occur when there is an imbalance in the calcium absorption which is the main factor controlling the new bone formation. Calcium plays a major role in maintaining the normal functioning of brain, heart and other organs, if calcium absorption from dietary nutrients get interrupted body will start absorbing calcium from bones resulting in low bone density.

one of the major cause for impairement in calcium absorption is hormonal, in males androgens and in females estrogens maintain the calcium and phosphate absorption. In many conditions it will lead to oeteonecrosis and in many disorders like pagets disease.

other factors include prolonged intake of corticosteroids, low muscle mass, thyroid and geniticdisorders, rheumaticdisorders, sedentary life style etc.


In early stages it is asymptomatic. Later on mild aches and pain starts over the back and neck which will inturn lead to sudden shooting pain over the weight bearing bones and joints. In advanced stage it might lead to bone fractures.


Mainly by x- ray and BMD( bone mineral density study)

Ayurvedic Treatment

According to Ayurveda this condition results due to agnimandhya that is the digestive power.

Ayurveda consider this as the impairment in the calcium metabolism leading to the improper digestion and absorption of calcium and phosphate, unless and until the metabolism get corrected calcium suppliments willnot have any action.

The concept of agni in Ayurveda clearly indicates the need of cellular metabolism for the proper function of each system, special medications along with rejuvenating external therapies increases the circulation, nourishes the muscles and bone making the movements painless good bye to pain killers, only dietary suppliments are needed after the agni get corrected.

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