Tennis Elbow

Also called lateral epicondylitis is the condition affecting the tendon of extensor carpi  radialis brevis muscle below the outer edge of elbow joint. its  mainly an inflammatory response with increased pain receptors over that area which makes the movements very painful.  Main factor for this condition is repetitive or continuous strain over the tendon due to restless movements of wrist and elbow. It’s not a condition related to tennis players it can happen to each and every individual who uses there wrist and elbow without rest. Onset will be from 24-72 hours after continuous strain.

Major symptoms include

  • Pain outside the elbow
  • Weakness of wrist joint
  • Pain on resistance
  • Pain on pressing



According to ayurveda this is a pitta vitiation which will result in vata kopa and results in difficulty in movements, depending upon the condition pitta predominance vary, in acute cases mainly pitta get vitiated and results in kapha and vata vitiation, this condition can easily be treated with special external treatments and internal medicines ,in chronic conditions due to kapha involvement it can take some time .in both cases the main line of treatment includes increasing circulation and reducing degeneration along with rejuvenation of destroyed muscle fibbers.

Ayurveda clearly indicates treatment modalities for this condition without surgery or corticosteroid injections, Ayurveda treat the root cause of this condition; special internal medicines along with local external sudative treatment modalities assure maximum long standing results without any complications.

Depending upon the time, duration and intensity treatment days vary.


  • Reduced activity
  • Use brace during activity

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