PILES (Haemorrhoids)

They are normal vasculature in the anal canal which helps in defecation. when they become inflamed or swollen termd as piles. In there normal state they acts as cushions composed of arterial and venous channels along with connective tissue. Symptoms of piles depend on whether it is internal or external.


These are hemorrhoids that occur outside the anal verge. They may be painful associated with swelling and irritation and sometimes itching due to skin irritation


These occur inside the rectum, these are varicosity of veins draining superior rectal arteries. This area lacks pain receptors which make it painless and unaware. When getting irritated they bleed, if untreated it can lead to 2nd-degree or 3rd-degree piles and can protrude out of the anus. This can lead to prolapsed and strangulated piles.


In ayurveda this condition is called Arsas. According to ayurveda this occur due to

  • Low digestive fire
  • Apana vayu vitiation which controls the bowel  movements
  • Constipation
  • Continonous sitting and travelling
  • Pregnancy
  • Dosha vitiationN –  vata ( pile mass will be hard, rough and blackish in color. They are very painful. Constipation  present)
  • Pitta ( tender and reddish in color,inflamed and bleeding is persistent, person feels excessively thirsty, Diarrhea can occur)
  • Kapha ( light colour,  larger, soft and slimy to touch, mucus discharge with the stools)

Complication of piles starts when there is blood in the stools.

Ayurvedic management of haemorrhoids mainly depends upon the nature of piles, internal piles can be treated effectively with oral medications if diagnosed earlier, if it becomes external special ayurvedic techniques like ksharasutra should be done. After having done ksharasutra recurrence rate is very minimum or equal to zero.


  • Do not control your natural urge to defecate.
  • Weight reduction
  • Anal hygiene
  • Avoid sitting on hard surfaces for long period
  • Drink more water
  • Diet rich in green vegetables (spinach,okra,yam)
  • Fruits like papaya should be included
  • Pungent, spicy, oily and salty food should be avoided

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