Its an infection of the bone or bone marrow which mainly affects the long bones of arms and legs which can spread to the joint and cause arthiritis. this condition can occur both in infants and in adults, people with diabetes ,weak immune system, open fractures,are mainly affected


  • Pain and tenderness of affected part
  • Skin above the infected area will be sore and red
  • Fever,chills and excessive sweating
  • Drainage of pus through the skin
  • Swelling over the infected area
  • Difficulty in walking


This can happen when the blood supply to that area of the bone get infected. An infection in the body that has spread to the bone through blood, any trauma which will lead to a blood clot around the bone or a secondary bacterial infection.

Sometimes a chronic open wound or soft tissue infection which extend down to the bone surface.


  • Blood test
  • Blood culture 
  • Bone scan
  • Biopsy


These will be helpful in confirming the condition.

Osteomyelites and ayurveda

According to ayurveda this is the condition affecting asthi dhatu (bone), the causative factors for these are mentioned as nija(within the body) and aganthu(outside),which will be leading to the asthi dhathvagni vaigunyam ( bone formation). When this get blocked the proper formation of the bone will be impaired and the surrounding tissues also get affected, resulting in the dhathu pakam(destruction). By controlling the dhathu pakam and maintaining a proper asthidhatvagni the condition can be effectively treated in ayurveda.

Different external application mainly antioxidative herbal formulation are clearly indicated for this condition, special internal medicines to increase immunity and bone formation are mentioned. specilized detoxification methods along with whole body cleansing techniques will remove the bacterial atmosphere, thus control the progression.

Depending upon the severity of the case hospital stay vary.

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