Parkinson’s Disease

The most common neuro degenerative condition involving old age,this is the condition were cell loss and degeneration involving substantianigra, which will lead to the imbalance in dopamine and acetylcholine (neurotransmitters) in the extrapyramidal system of brain leading to the manifestation of disease.


1. Tremors, abnormal walking pattern
2. Sluggish movements
3. Muscle spasm and rigidity
4. Progressive reduction in muscle tone
5. Gripping difficulties
6. Sensory and sleep difficulties
7. Postural instability

Ayurveda and parkinsonism

Parkinsonism is disorder affecting both sensory and motor functions of brain, mainly the dopamine responses getting impaired, in ayurveda VATA dosha is the one which get increased in your old age and it’s the number one agent controlling all the body activities, mainly all the neuronal traffic is maintained by this dosha, its actually a pathway which maintains the neurotransmission, any blockage will be leading to the condition of reduced response, the blockage will be due to many factors like mechanical, degenerative etc. In ayurveda this blockage in the channels is causing doshic imbalance and hence the disease, the blockage may be due to either the three doshas or its derivatives which block the path of vata which is the main centre of neuronal action,the net result will be impairing the harmony of individual organ systems, leading to its malfunction.

Main treatment is to clear the blockage in the channels, which make the sensory and motor functions. Due to the imbalance in the motor functions there will be many clinical manifestations which mainly includes tremor, loss of muscle tone, reflexes, cognitive functions this should be trearted with special treatment modalities, which will correct the disorders.
The treatment modalities include both internal and external modalities

Internal medicines

Different type of herbal decoctions, powder, tablets, special ghee preparations, which will stimulate the neurotransmitter release

External treatments

Whole body treatments, local treatments, panchakarma therapy, which will activite the muscles increasing the muscle tone and reduce the tremors and spasm, making the movements more easier and with more control. which includes thalam, nasyam, sirodhara, Ksheeradhara, Pichu, Sirovasti, Ksheeradhooma, Lepana, Medhya Rasayanas, and rehabilitation therapy.

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