Home Remedies


Drink Leaf Juice of Adatoda beddomi ( Cheriya Adalodakom) -10ml with pure honey 10ml daily twice. (6am & 6 pm)

Head ache

Make paste of Rasnadi choornam with salt water and make it little warm and apply over forehead for 30 minutes daily once or twice.


Drink 10 – 15 ml Pure Castor oil or Gandharva erandam Castor oil with hot milk at bed time for 3 -5 days.

Common Cold

Steam inhalation with Tulsi leaves (Ocimum sanctum) + Common Salt + Small onion + Panikkurkka (Coleus aromaticus) to be Boiled in Water.


Make paste of Emilia sanchifolia (Muyalchevian) with Common salt and apply over the Neck for one hour 3-4 times, for 3 days.


Make paste of Curcuma aromatica (Kasturi manjal) with Rose water and apply on face daily.

Dandruff and Hair fall

Make paste of Aloe vera + Lemon Juice + Azardiracta indica (Arya Veppila) and apply on scalp for 15 minutes wash with water. Needs 5-7 days.

Sprains, Cuts, Minute Injuries

Apply Murivenna.

Urinary Infections.

Boil Boerhavia diffusa ( Thazhuthamma) + Tribulus terrestrius (Njerinjil) in water and sieved and drink one litre daily.


Make paste of Curry leaves (Murraya koenigii) 10 gm and have it with warm water early morning daily.

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