It is a form of vascular headache,mainly caused due to the vasodilation that is the enlargement of blood vessels which causes the release of chemical from nerve fibres which surround the large arteries of brain, increase in sizeof these blood vessels stretches the nerves around them which release the chemicals causing inflammation, pain and further enlargement of artery. Increased size make the pain worse.
Main action is on the sympathetic nervous system, which mainly control the stress and pain management. This increased sympathetic response will lead to multi system symptoms like.

1. vomiting, nausea
2. reduced blood circulation leading to pallor of the skin, cold hands and feet
3. Light sensitivity, soundsensitivity, blurred vision

Major Symptoms

  • Intense throbbing pain .it can be localised or spreding over your forehead,aroundeye,back of your head
  • Around 90% cases pain will be on one side of the head,CHANGE IN SIDE  can be there
  • Routine activities increases pain
  •  Pain can last between 4-72hrs

There will be some warning signs before each attack which include

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Mood changes


One of the main cause why modern medicine is ineffective is the sympathetic activity which delays the stomach emptying into small intestine thereby prevents oral medications from entering the intestine and get absorbed, this will lead to the reduced effect or nill effect of medicines

Ayurveda clearly mention this condition of ARDHAVABHETAKA (migrane), and treat ment modalities mainly includes nasal medication, head treatments and relaxing techniquesto calm the nervous activity, along with internal medicines.

NASYAM(nasal medication) is one of main treatment procedure which will stimulate the nerves and reduce the production of chemical release, different type of medicines having specific action being used and special head treatments like siropichu, sirodara and sirovathi being used. Once the sympathetic activity get controlled we can go for special oral medicines which will be giving long standing results, thus controlling the nervous activity effective treatment for migrane has beenclearly indicated in  ayurveda.

Associated multisystem disorders can be easily manageable with mild oral medication.

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