Knee Disorders

There are many types of knee disorders including Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ligament tears, Meniscus tears, and fractures. Treatment is designed to decrease pain, increase strength, mobility and function

Ayurvedic Treatment for Joint Disorders

According to ayurveda the whole body movements are controlled by vata. In this case it’s a joint disorder where the normal function is blocked by different factors either external or internal, they are called aaganthu (external) and nija (internal) Which will be blocking vata dosha and inturn vitating the dosha leading to a condition of decresed movements, the symptoms manifest according to the causative factor.

Treatment varies depending on the condition of doshic predominance. There will be external treatments which increases the mobility of the joint and inturn increase the range of movemnet, the internal medicines are mainly to reduce the causative factors and to restore the circulation.
We are having special bandages and treatment modalities to get maximum results

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