Motor Neuron Disease

These are group of progressive disorders that destroy neurons(brain cells) which regulate essential voluntary muscle activity such ass speech,walking, breathing, swallowing etc. is also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/Lou Gehrig’s disease(MND).

Signs and Symptoms 

progressive weakness beginning at the extremities associated with degeneration and fasciculations, spasticity associated with increased reflex .

In some cases the combination of these signs can be seen, if the lower motor neuron get affected its called progressive muscular atrophy, and if it affects on upper motor neuron called primary lateral sclerosis.

If the disease process is limited to involvement of the cranial nerve nuclei of the medulla and called progressive bulbar palsy.

Motor Neuron Disease And Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda the degenerative conditions affecting brain are mainly due to vitiation of vata dosha, this vitiation or change from normalcy is mainly due to obstruction or blockage in its sensory and motor activities by other doshas(pitta and kapha) or dushyas like dhatus or malas leading to the so called disease.

Here the main activity of vata get blocked by kapha dosha leading to the condition of reduced activity,weakness,spasm.

Removing the blockage caused by a specific dosha and maintaining the normalcy of vata dosha is the main line of treatment,it can be effectively managed by specific oral medicines and peripheral treatment modalities.

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