Geriatric Clinic

  • Parkinsonism (use information from degenerative brain disorders)
  • Mental Depression(use information from degenerative brain disoredrs)
  • General Debility,Weakness

This mainly occurs due to degenerative changes occuring in body and cells which needs more natural anti oxidents to rejuvinate and do its normal functions,according

to ayurveda this condition occur mainly due to doshic imbalance since these doshas e maintain the natural harmony of body and mind, Special treatment modalities are mentioned in ayurveda to promote the cellular integrity and function by increasing vasculature and absorbtive capacity of individual cells.

Treatment Modalities – Sarvanga Abyanga, Siropada lepa, Pizhichil, Njavara lepana, Tarpana and Poorana, Rejuvenative Rasayanas, Yoga and Pranayama, Close monitoring of physical and mental status, Counselling, Adaptable environment.

What's New?

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