Pilonidal Sinus

This is sinus or opening that develop along the tailbone near the cleft of buttocks. These are called tuft of hairs or nest of hairs. Contain  hair and skin debris. This hair and skin debris are the main factor for infection.

In many cases there may be no symptoms and in others there will be infection associated with pain and inflammation. Pilonodal sinus are common in men since they have more hair


  • Fever
  • Redness of skin
  • Pain over lower back
  • Drainage of pus from an opening
  • Warm skin


In ayurveda this is classified as a form of grandhi (cyst) which will lead to bhagandara (fistula). The main line of treatment will be depending upon the doshic predominance

Main treatment line for pilonidal sinus is ksharasutra a special medicated thread processed in different types of strong alkali and herbal powders and is having the power to pierce the skin and cut through the channels and heal the tract.

In our research centre at KAH in 95% of cases the tracts get completely healed without any complication. Since last 10 years there was no recurrence.

The wonderful property of cutting and healing is the main advantage of this procedure. This will remove the unhealthy granulation while healing.

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