This is the essence of Ayurvedic Treatment. Promising results can be seen even in incurable diseases, through a seris of systematic treatment regims. Body is purified and normal rhythm of life is regained. They include Kashayavasthi, Virechanam, Vamanam, Nasyam, Rakthamoksham. Each module is planned to work on whole body.
The ideal program for each patient is arrived after an in-depth analysis on the patients physical health and medical history. They will then receive an individualized module consisting of treatment modalities, dietary, counselling, body detoxification and rejuvenating treatment. The average modules are between 7 to 45 days.
All therapies are conducted by specially trained masseurs under the supervision of professional ayurvedic physicians.

Treatment Modalities

  • Sodhana treatment – Eliminatory process by panchakarma therapy.
  • Samana treatment – Conservative therapy by internal and external medicines

Panchakarma Therapy

  • Vamana Karma – Emesis Therapy
  • Virechana Karma – Purgation Therapy
  • Nasya Karma – Errhine Therapy/nasal medication
  • Nirooha Karma – Enema Therapy
  • Raktamoksha Karma – Blood letting therapy

These are done in three stages

1.Poorvakarma (Pre – operative procedure)
2.Pradhanakarma (Operative or Pachakarama Procedure)
3.Paschat karma (post operative Procedures)


Preparation of the body for the Panchakarma therapy. This includes Snehana (Oleation) and Swedana (sudation) therapies.
SnehanaTherapy :- The process of lubrication of accumulated doshas (metabolic waste products) through internal and external ways.
SwedanaTherapy – The act of sweating a part or whole of the body. The lubricated doshas are liquified by sudation therapy and brought into the alimentary tract and is eliminated by appropriate Panchakarma therapy.

Poovakarma Includes

Abyangam (Massage):- Medicated herbal oil is applied over the body, that penetrates skin, down to muscles, nerve endings and vascular system and excites brain, heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys, glands etc and eliminate toxins and impurities

PatrapodalaSweda (Elakizhi):- Special herbal leaves are processed into bolus and applied over the body with medicated oil.

Pizhichil (Oil bath):- Application of warm medicated oil over the body in a specific manner.
ShastikaPindaSwedam (Nijavarakizhi):- Specially prepared rice bolus applied over the body.
Sirodhara:- Pouring of medicated oil or decotion (kashaya) etc on the fore head continuously for a prescribed time.
Sirovasti:- Medicated oil over the head for a specific period. ( temprature of the oil is maintained in a constant manner)

Siro pichu: sponging with oil over head
Tala pothichil: specialy prepared paste application over head in degenerative brain and spine disorders like cereberal palsy, motor neuron disorders.
Kateevasthi:- special treatment with oil for back problems, to treat the root cause and to nourish the paraspinal muscles

Steam bath:- Herbal steam bath promote blood circulation that aids elimination of impurities (excess doshas) and provides relaxation.
Pradhana Karma (Panchakarma Therapy)

Vamana:- Innerlaseddoshas are eliminated through mouth. This therapy is meant for Respiratory disorders, ENT diseases, Skin Diseases (Psoriasis), Diabetes mellitus etc.

Virechana:- Vitiated doshas are eliminated through anal canal, esp. for Skin diseases, Jaundice, Low back pain, Piles, Eye diseaseesp.Cataract etc.

Nasya:- Administration of medicine through the nostrils. For the treatment of head esp. Migraine, Tic doulorex (Trigeminal neuralgia) Facial Palsy, Cervical Spondylosis, Sinusitis, Opthalmic diseases, Hair fall etc.

Nirooha:- Enema therapy (with specially prepared decotion), for the diseases localised in the extremities, alimentary tracts, vital organs all over the body, nerve disorders etc. (esp. Rheumatoid arthritis, Rheumatic fever, Osteoarthritis, Paralysis etc)

Raktamoksha (Bloodletting by different methods)

1. Jalukavacharana (Leech therapy)
2. Prachanna (Pricking method),
3. Siravedha (Venesection),
4. SiringaAlabu (Using horns).

Paschat Karma

These are special procedures and diet regimen done after each panchakarma therapy.

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