Our whole skeletal system is made up of bones which move, support and protect various organs of the body, its mainly a dense connective tissue which produce red and white blood cells and store minerals like calcium

According to ayurveda bones are called asthi one of the seven dhathus mentioned by ancient scholars, bone is the seat of vata dosha which perform all the movements in the body, in ayurveda each dhathu is produced or derived from the essence of another dhathu and bone comes 5th-after medho dhathu, it means the essence of other four dhathus, rasa , raktha, mamsa, medhas are needed for the proper formation of bone

This concept of ayurveda clearly indictes the individual metabolic importance, if there is metabolic disorders it will affect the proper bone formation and it can lead to different disorders in individual organ systems.

In KAH we have specialized clinics for Osteoarthiritis, Rheumatoid arthiritis, Osteoporosis, Osteonecrosis, Calcaneal Spur, Corns And Calluses, Calcanial Bursitis, Osteomyelitis Bone fractures.

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