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From Wheel Chair To Running Feet.

Mr K Arumugam, 51yrs, Gasco Ruwais, Abudabi, UAE came to me on wheel chairs. He was unable to stand or walk and suffering from acute pain radiating to left leg, the pain aggravated for the last four months.

While getting deep into the case, it became clear to me that the complaints started eight years back; at first it was a slight pain on low back region, for this he had undergone allopathic management and had some physiotherapy, he got slight relief, but the pain was aggravating and was not able to walk freely.

This made him to take MRI scan of his lumbosacral spine, and the result suggest

  • annular tear and left paracentral disc protrusion at L5-SI level indentting with thecal sac and exiting nerve root.
  • Left posterolateral disc protrusion of L3-L4 level causing compression of neural foramen,
  • disc bulge at L4-L5 level causing compression of bilateral neural foramen.

The condition again became worse while lifting weight, and he was unable to move; surgery was advised but he refused and was admitted at our hospital on 23rd December 2009.

It was very unpleasant feeling watching a healthy man sitting in wheel chair, this was a challenging case and on physical examination, all gradients were elevated, this was a case which needs round the clock attention.

We took the case and preliminary external treatment modalities were started with mild swedana procedures (sudative), internal medicines were given to reduce the muscle spasm and internal inflammatory response, it was a waiting game but his body started to give quick response to the treatment.

On the 8th day he started standing and was able to take few steps, his hip and lower back was supported with bandages and different types of oil sudative procedures like patrapotala swedam, choorna pinda swedam were carefully done.

The results were very pleasing and he started walking without any pain on the 19th day then the important muscle strengthening treatment shashtika pinda swedam made him walk freely, this was one of the most pleasing moments in a doctors carrier, when someone came on wheel chair walking freely in front of him without any pain or numbness while getting discharged.


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